The Beginning…

by James Randall

Da’wah in Darul-Fitna


Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu brothers and sisters! (If the reader here is non-Muslim, I have greeted you with the traditional Islamic greeting meaning “May the Peace, Mercy and Favour of Allah be upon you”.)


I pray that this blog post is read in the best of health and state of mind, for not only yourself but also your friends and family. This is not only just for flattery or the sake of being cordial to new readers, but also so that you are best prepared to read what I have to communicate to you.


My name is Abdul’Malik, although my christened name is James. I am a Muslim revert of 18 years, and already have been training in the art of Da’wah, the concept of Islamic propagation or preaching. Although a fine science which has been studied greatly by scholars and students (myself being of the latter category), only so much of this content is available on the internet, and in a readily usable format.


I’m here setting up this blog so that I can find what information and knowledge there is on current Da’wah techniques, and present them to you here in a readable fashion so that you may you use them in not only conscious Da’wah efforts to your friends and family, but also in day to day life, when meeting strangers or even chatting on the internet.


Insha Allah (God willing) the resources I find, review and post here will be of use to all of you here, and I make du’a (prayer) that you might apply them often and effectively in your efforts for Da’wah.


May God bless your efforts and give you good health and iman (faith). Peace be with you all.


P.S. If the reader is a non-Muslim, please feel free to read on through my material nevertheless, as it may enlighten or at least widen your perspective. I am not pressuring you to revert and become a Muslim…I am merely help train others pressure you effectively!


P.P.S. Let it be known henceforth that I am affiliated with IREA, an Australian Da’wah organization, just so that people are aware and do not call me up on it later if I post their resources and make myself look like I am favoring them as a 3rd person. Because I am not. Simple.