Da’wah to Buddhists: The Most Successful Man in the World

by James Randall

The final part of the prophecy of Buddha Maitreya I mentioned earlier describes the final Buddha being the most successful man in the world. This of course might be the easiest part to prove in pertaining to Muhammad (pbuh), as even from a secular perspective, dozens of western scholars have constantly pointed to the legacy of the final Prophet of God having the most influence on world political and social history.

Most notably, the book “The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History”, written by Michael H. Hart and published in 1978 (republished in 1992), ranks Muhammad (pbuh) as the most influential man in human history, in itself causing a great academic controversy. Hart asserted that Muhammad was “supremely successful” in both the religious and secular realms. He also believed that Muhammad’s role in the development of Islam was far more influential than Jesus’ collaboration in the development of Christianity.

The link below also leads to an essay written by a western scholar on the global impact of Muhammad and his followers, and also shows how it was his revelations alone, and not just the factors of the times, that managed to unite the Arab tribes and turn them into a medieval superpower to rival any power on Earth.


When one looks the historical evidence and the fact that his revelations, the Holy Quran, are the most read and recited piece of literature in history, it’s easy to see how from even a non religious perspective, Muhammad (pbuh) was truly the most influential, and thereby successful, man on Earth, and therefore, truly the prophesied final Buddha Maitreya.