Mosque face-off (Berwick Leader, 7 Mar 2016, Page1)

by James Randall

Abdul’ Malik from the IslamicResearch and Educational Academy said the Hallam Mosque, of which he is amember, is also on Belgrave-Hallam Rd and restricted to 500 people.

Mr Malik said a second mosque would mean less congestion becauseworshippers would not have to converge on the one place.

“(The council) will increase (the number of people allowed inthe mosque) to 1000 for Eid at the end of Ramadan, but even when overcrowding(is permitted) you will see a council vehicle or police car checking to makesure we are abiding by our permit,” he said.

“Every Friday there is the overcrowding that the antimosquelobby is talking about. There are not enough mosques.

“One person is saying (on the Facebook page) you don’t seeChristians putting up churches all over the place wherever they want. That’sbecause those churches are empty. With mosques, we actually fill them.”

Mosque face-off
Megan Bailey
Berwick Leader
7 Mar 2016

A PLAN to build Australia’s biggest mosque in Narre Warren North has sparked outrage. A group has launched a petition against the proposal by Saarban Islamic Trust for a $1.5 million mosque and community centre on an 8.9ha site on Belgrave-Hallam Rd,…read more…